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Bartell Law is designed to be efficient and focused. The firm has no unnecessary overhead, makes maximum use of technology, and uses budgeting and planning to ensure that expenditures are appropriate, are in proportion to the potential exposure, and advance the client's goals.

tabletYour matter will get Jeremy's personal attention. Jeremy handles matters from start to finish, from document reviews to trials. This approach ensures your lawyer knows the facts of your case and avoids the cost of multiple lawyers learning the same facts. The costs of this approach, moreover, are significantly lowered by Bartell Law's tiered billing structure. The rates vary depending on the nature of the task. Document and electronic data reviews, for example, are billed at a significantly lower rate than depositions, brief drafting, and hearings.

Bartell Law is also designed to be intensely focused. Focused on your goals, your needs, your concerns and your opportunities. The firm helps you identify your specific goals and then focuses all strategies, tactics, and expenditures on advancing those goals. Some strategies are, for example, potentially beneficial but simply not worth the cost given your goals and resources. The firm identifies what will potentially work, what will likely not work, and the costs of the various options so we can make good, cost-effective decisions for you. 

A final note. Bartell Law understands that you are a professional with business goals and objectives that extend far beyond any single legal challenge. A particular legal challenge may be of enormous consequence to you, or it may be of relatively trivial consequence, or anywhere in between. The firm endeavors to understand this context so that your time and your resources are allocated appropriately. Your legal matter should not be blown into the trial of the century, unless it needs to be. This is essentially what we mean by Legal Sense | Business Sense | Common SenseGive us a call for a free consultation. We'll explain this approach and how it could benefit you.  Contact us. 

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